Couscous with sugar كسكسي بالسكر


Couscous is originally from the Western part of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya).

It has made its way in Egypt, but mostly eaten as a dessert only with sugar.

Servings: 7

Preparation Time: 0.5 hours


2 cups couscous.
2 1/2 cups water .
Powder sugar.
4 tablespoons butter.
Nuts & raisins.

Cooking Instructions

In a glass bowl put couscous add warm water and cover bowl.
Leave for 10 minutes until water is absorbed and couscous is soft but not mushy.
Move couscous to a deep pan add 2 tablespoons butter and cook, stir constantly to make sure there are no clumps.
Put couscous in a platter then sprinkle powder sugar, nuts and cinnamon on top
Serve hot.


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