Carob (Locust bean) drink Kharroob خروب


Carob is the legume fruit of the Carob tree, Ceratonia siliqua. It is also known as Locust bean, kharoob, and in Arabic خروب.

The fruit is consumed in Egypt as a snack, and used to make a refreshing cold drink popular in shops and street vendors.


Purdue Horticulture on new crops on Carob.


Preparation Time: 0.75 hours


1 cup carob pods, crushed
1 cup sugar

Cooking Instructions:

Place the crushed carob pods in a sauce pan with the sugar.

Heat on medium, stirring constantly, until the sugar is caramelized.

Add 8 cups of water, and bring to a boil.

Set aside to cool.

Strain through a muslin cloth.

Refrigerate in a jug.

To serve, add chilled water to taste.



ground or powdered?

hi there i was wondering can i use powdered carob instead of ground?

Crushed, big pieces

Not powdered. I never saw Carob as a powder. Normally it is crushed into biggish pieces, 1cm to 2cm (half an inch to an inch roughly).

If you use powder, it will still work, but perhaps you need to shorten the time it spends simmering on the heat.

Carob pods

Help - do you use green or ripe brown pods for this drink?? We are growing carob trees and this is the first year we have had pods.

Ripe and brown

The ripe brown ones, specially when they show sugar crystals when they are broken.


Thanks so much - and should

Thanks so much - and should we pick them when brown or wait until they fall?

Hmmm ...

I don't know the exact answer, since I never picked them myself. Waiting till they fall off may make them get infested with insects and such.

To be safe, you can wait till they turn brown on the tree, and then do a test by cutting one of every few days, until you find it sweet. When it is sweet, harvest the whole lot.

What is it a muslin cloth?

I`m from Ukraine. I dont understand, what is it a muslin cloth? It is lavsan or not?

Any kind of thin cloth

This is muslin. I can't find a Russian article for it.

But you can use any type of thin cloth or a fine mesh to filter the solids out of the drink.


guess u can use cheese cloth

guess u can use cheese cloth (cheesecloth) , just fold it over a few times to filter as much as possible

Muslin cloth

this is like a fine surgical guaze - the cloth you put on a wound...or else use a burp cloth, the ones used for cleaning babies faces. if all else fails, a fine sieve, like the ones for draining tea when using leaves or ground coffee should work!!


How would you recommend crushing the pods? And can you use the pods sold in Egypt by the nut vendors, or are those already too dried/hard?

Thank-you - great website!

Just crush it

Well, if you have the whole carob pods, then use a mortar and pestle, or just put them in a plastic bag and pound them a bit on a counter top with the pestle.

Yes, you can use the ones that you buy at the nut vendors.


Did you use enough sugar? This is a sweet drink. It also should not be very strong: dilute with water and add sugar.

Powder Carob

Some are sold in a powder form, tried to get the sugar caramelized per the recipe, it burned the carob powder.

So, best to start caramelizing the sugar on it's own, then add the powder to it briefly, and before it burns, to add water gradually.

How popular is this drink in Egypt?

Hi, I know that this Carob drink used to be popular in Egypt in the old days. Is this still quite popular. Do people still drink this often?

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