Rice Pudding رز باللبن

This is a popular dessert in Egypt.

Variation can include adding raisins, shredded coconuts, various nuts, or even a scoop of ice cream on top.


Preparation Time: 0.75 hours


3 tablespoons rice
2 cups milk
6 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Cinnamon & nuts

Cooking Instructions:

Mix rice with little of milk.
Mix the rest of milk with sugar, then cook until it boils.
Pour rice mixture on top and stir often.
Cook on minimum till rice is done (approx 10 min).
Add vanilla.
Pour into serving dishs and decorate with nuts and cinnamon.
Refrigerate until serving.



Short grain rice

The rice that is exclusively used in Egypt for everything is the short grain rice. This is needed because of the starch content.

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