Qatayef with nuts قطايف بالمكسرات


Qatayef can also be spelled Katayef.

In Turkey and Greece, the name Kataifi is used for what Egyptians call Konafa.

Servings: 5

Preparation Time: 0.75 hours


1/2 kg katayef
Vegetable oil ,for deep-frying
Sugar syrup
Hazelnut ,blanched
Walnuts ,blanched
Pistachios ,peeled
Almonds ,blanched
2 tablespoons sugar

Cooking Instructions

Mix nuts in a bowl and add sugar and raisins.
Stir to mix ingredients well.
Put nuts mixture in the center of each katayef depending on its size and close into a half moon shape.
Press on the edges with your fingers to stick together well.
Heat oil over high heat until very hot.
Deep-fry katayef in oil until golden brown.
Dip fried katayef while still hot in cool syrup and stir for a few seconds.
Serve on platter while hot.


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