Okra / Lady's Fingers بامية


Okra bushes grow in Egypt along side canals. It has a nice looking light purple to pink flower

It is a popular dish there and in Sudan, as well the southern United States, and in the Caribbean.

In Egypt, large pods are undesirable, and the smaller the fruit, the more tender and less seeds it has.

The stem part has to be removed by using a small paring knife and peeling in a way to leave the fruit intact with a cone shaped end.

Large pods are consumed in the Sudan in a hot dish known as Wika.


Wikipedia page on Okra.

Servings: 5
Preparation Time: 1.5 hours


1 pack okra.
Tomato paste.
1/2 kg meat cubes.
1 onion sliced
2 tablebspoons vegetable oil.
1 chicken stock cube.
1 tomato.
1 green pepper.
3 garlic cloves , chopped.
Salt and pepper.

Cooking Instructions

In a casserole mix oil, meat, okra, tomato paste, garlic, stock cubes, onion, salt and pepper.
Add water to cover ingredients.
Arrange tomato and green pepper slices on top.
Cover casserole with aluminum foil and place in oven and cook at very high heat for 45-50 minutes until meat is tender.
Uncover casserole and turn on broiler.
Take out of oven, leave to cool down then serve.




If you cook the okra with the meat from the beginning by the time the meat is cooked the okra would be like past. you cook the meat first with all your ingredients then when the meat is almost cooked add the okra since it will not take much time to cook, you don't want the okra to be mush, another thing, over cooking vegetables makes them loose their nutritional value.

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