Rice with liver رز بالكبدة


For a variation, beef liver or chopped beef kidneys can be used with or in lieu of liver. Cook the same way.

Servings: 3

Preparation Time: 0.75 hours


2 cups rice
1/2 kg chicken livers.
1 onion.
Salt and pepper.
Margarine or butter.
Vegetable Oil
Nuts and raisins.

Cooking Instructions

Wash rice well and drain.
Heat margarine and add rice, stir-fry over medium heat.
Add water and leave on low heat.
Cut livers into medium pieces.
In a pan heat margarine and oil then add onion and stir until yellow.
Add livers,salt and pepper and stir.
Leave to cook for a couple of minutes then remove half quantity of livers and set aside.
Add half the quantity of livers to rice and stir to mix all components well.
Cover pan till water is almost absorbed, move to low heat and leave until rice is tender.
Serve in platter and add remaining half of livers on top of rice and sprinkle fried nuts on surface.


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