Oven Potato صينية بطاطس


Chicken or meat can be added to this dish for a wholesome meal.

Servings: 4

Preparation Time: 1.5 hours


2 kg potatoes.
2 tomatoes.
2 onions.
1 green pepper.
Tomato paste.
Salt and pepper.

Cooking Instructions

Wash potatos well, peal and slice into round shape pieces.
Chop onions into round slices.
In a baking dish put potatos and onions.
Mix tomato paste, salt and pepper in wqarm water and pour into dish.
Slice tomato and green pepper and put on top of potatos in baking dish.
Heat oven and place dish untill potatos are tender.
Take out of oven, leave baking dish to cool down and serve in same dish.




the same is albanian dish, and very good

Question about the Oven Potato


I'm Mary and I'm married to an Egyptian and live in Egypt.
I already try to cook Egyptian food, but it is not like the Egyptians ;-)

About this recipe:
can you tell me how much tomato paste you use?
and what about the lemon?

Great website!
Regards Mary

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