Gollash with cheese فطير جلاش بالجبنة


Gollash is unrelated to the meat dish from Eastern Europe with a similar name.

This disk is made from pastry with fillings.

For a variation, the filling can be minced meat.
Servings: 7

Preparation Time: 1 hours


1 pack gollash , filo pastry.
1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese or hard cheese, shredded
Vegetable Oil
1 tablespoon butter or ghee
1 egg.
1 cup milk.
Salt and pepper.

Cooking Instructions:

Take half of gollash pack.
Brush bottom of a baking dish with oil.
Place one slice in the bottom of baking dish to make one layer.
Put shredded cheese on top of gollash layers in the baking dish.
Put the other half of gollash slices making a set of layers on top of cheese.
Brush last slice with oil.
Press on slices with your hand so that they stick together.
With a sharp knife cut gollash into squares.
Heat oven to high heat.
Mix milk with beaten egg, salt and pepper and pour over gollash in baking dish.
Place in oven until surface is golden brown.
Serve immediately


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