Gum Mastic / Mesteka مستكة

Known in Egypt as Mesteka, the Mastic resin is used in many Egyptian dishes, ranging from soups to meat and desserts.

The Greeks seem to think that this ingredient is unique to them, but it is not. In Turkey, Syria and Lebanon, the dondurma ice cream is made with Mastic.

The resin has a unique flavor and can be chewed like gum, where the translucent hard droplets turn into opaque white.






I beg to differ.
The Greeks think will find that the Masticha used in Turkey and those other countries mentioned is not the genuine Greek masticha and it is called among other names "Gum Arab" and it also comes from a different type of tree.The real masticha is a native of the island of Chios, in Greece.Please read the Mastic article above and in particular imitations.My best wishes.