Thank you for visiting our site.Many years ago, I started the Egyptian Cuisine, Food and Recipes section on the Baheyeldin Dynasty web site. This was intended to be an introduction to Egyptian cooking, that would eventually have recipes in it. Years passed by, and people kept asking for recipes.So, instead of having it all on a personal web site, it was decided that it would best in a dedicated site, and Egyptian-Cuisine-Recipes.com was born!You can leave comments on recipes, ask for certain recipes, and even share your recipes ...Enjoy your visit ...Khalid Baheyeldin



Egyptian breads and baking?

Great recipes. It would be good to have some baking recipes...Egyptian 'Sun Bread'...aish shamsi, and twice baked crackers with turmeric...yellowish,like zwieback...I can't remember what they were called.

Really glad to have found a

Really glad to have found a blog like this.
I hope we can be in touch