Egyptian Baladi Salad سلطة بلدي


There are many variations of salad in Egypt, much of it seasonal.

Cucumber pickles خيار مخلل - طرشي


The Egyptian word "Torshi" comes from the Turkish word for pickles.

Baba Ghanoug بابا غنوج


This is also known as Baba Ghanouj in Syria and Lebanon. It means "Dady's spoiled girl" or something along those lines.

Delicious regardless ...

Eggplants with vinegar and garlic باذنجان بالخل و الثوم


This is a popular Egyptian side dish, eaten as a relish or pickle with meals, or as a snack in pita bread as a sandwich. It can also be added to other sandwiches such as falafel to give more flavor. Use the regular dark purple large eggplants available in stores, not the long and slender white or purple types used in other Egyptian recipes.